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  History of Artex Oil Company


Artex Oil Company’s long and varied history:
Artex Oil Company started drilling and operating wells in Archer County, Texas in the 1950’s.  Over the next several decades, the company acquired acreage and drilled with various operators, primarily in Texas and New Mexico, and participated in Federal and State lease sales in several states.

In the 1960’s when natural gas consumption began to increase, Artex moved closer to the larger natural gas markets in the East, setting up operations in West Virginia. Artex followed a similar model of acquiring acreage and drilling wells to develop a significant production base in addition to its western interests.

In the early 1970’s, Artex expanded into Southeastern Ohio, and many of the initial wells are still operated by Artex today.  For the next several years, Artex maintained a presence in the Appalachian Basin as well as Texas and New Mexico.

In 1995, a new corporation was formed between the original founder and petroleum engineers based in Ohio.  Artex Oil Company actively acquired and developed natural gas reserves, concentrating in Ohio. After a major acquisition of Mission Gas Company in 2000, Artex began drilling a number of wells and has grown to more than 600 operated wells in Ohio. It continues to maintain interests in Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi, Montana, West Virginia and Virginia.